Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend 2009
Saturday Keynote Videos

Gary Inrig: "False Teachers in Second Corinthians"

Bill Ziprick: Afternoon Meeting Welcome and Introductions

Carolyn Ratzlaff: My Cup Overflows--A Faith Story

Dale Ratzlaff: "Living the Eternal Kind of Life"

Former Adventist Fellowship

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William (Bill) F. Ziprick is former general counsel for Loma Linda University Medical Center, a Seventh-day Adventist Health Sciences University in Southern California.

He was raised as an active third generation Adventist in Loma Linda, California. He received his business degree from Pacific Union College and his law degree from UCLA. He is presently C.E.O. of Ephesians Equity Group, LLC, which relocated from southern California to Spokane, Washington, just a few months ago. Bill’s journey out of Adventism began in the mid-90s, as God led him and his wife through a series of events which awakened them to the full truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill and his wife Sally and son Austin currently worship at Crossover Community Church, a dynamic congregation in the north part of Spokane.

Carolyn Ratzlaff is the wife of founding editor of Proclamation! Dale Ratzlaff and serves on the board of Life Assurance Ministries Inc. Carolyn and Dale have been married 51 years and have two married sons and four grandchildren. Carolyn and Dale made the decision many years ago to follow Jesus and leave Adventism. Carolyn has just completed her first book My Cup Overflows, detailing her life and experience of leaving Adventism. Dale and Carolyn live in Peoria, Arizona.

Gary Inrig joined the staff of Trinity Church in September of 1992 after many years of fruitful ministry in Calgary and Dallas. He holds D.Min. and Th.M. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has authored nine books and has taught in various capacities in many seminaries and Bible colleges.

Gary has been the pastoral mentor for Former Adventist Fellowship since it began at Trinity Church ten years ago.

He and his wife Elizabeth have two daughters, one son, and eight grandchildren.

Dale Ratzlaff is the founder of Life Assurance Ministries, Inc., which publishes Proclamation! magazine, and LAM Publishing, LLC. He was a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist and pastored in the church for 13 years, seven of which he spent as a Bible teacher at Monterey Bay Academy, La Selva Beach, California.

Near the end of his doctoral program at Andrews University in the 1980’s, Dale did an in-depth study of the investigative judgment and the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary, events which Adventists teach began in 1844. Becoming convinced he could no longer teach this doctrine in clear conscience, he and his wife Carolyn left the Adventist denomination.

He published Sabbath in Crisis (now updated and republished under the name Sabbath in Christ) in 1990. In 1996 he published The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists, and in 2000 he produced his third book, The Truth about Seventh-day Adventist Truth, which was revised and republished in 2005 and again in 2008. In 2008 Dale released his autobiography Truth Led Me Out.