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Resources and Related Websites
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Former Adventist Fellowship (ministry of a local Christian church/pastor)

Proclamation! Online Magazine

The website home of Proclamation! online magazine. New articles, studies, and news uploaded weekly. Subscribe here to receive the weekly email with links to new content and ministry news.

Life Assurance Ministries

The website home of Proclamation! magazine. Download back issues, read devotionals, studies, letters to the editor, or subscribe to receive your own printed copies. Proclamation! Blog

LAM Publications Online Book Store

Dale Ratzlaff's LAM Publications bookstore offering his books and others. Dale is author of Sabbath in Christ, Cultic Doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and From Adventist to Christian. He is the founding editor of Proclamation!, a bi-monthly journal. Dale is a former Adventist pastor and teacher at Monterey Bay Academy. He is the founder of Life Assurance Ministries.

exAdventist Outreach

Mark Martin, pastor of Calvary Chapel Phoenix, created this outreach of former Seventh-day Adventists to help those who are seeking Biblical answers on Adventism. Site includes a large collection of studies, audio files, and other resources.

Sabbath or Sunday According to the Bible

Great studies and a testimony by Rob Chaffart

Truth or Fables

Exposing Seventh-day Adventist Fables by Robert K. Sanders

Seventh-day Adventist Church Profile

Watchman Fellowship Profile, by The Watchman Expositor

Seventh Day Cult

Web site that asks the hard question, "Is the Seventh-day Adventist denomination a cult?" Read their four proofs of a cult and decide for yourself!

Cult or Christian?

Does Seventh-day Adventism teach the Trinity? Jeremy Graham shares his extensive research into Adventist theology concerning the nature of God. Links are included to primary sources, including audio files. This website is a very comprehensive and valuable resource.

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