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Troi Andreola My Testimony

Charity Bellmon I now have Jesus!

Deon Keet God gave me the courage to walk

Cynthia Fearing: We who have believed entered rest

Tom and Judy Shewmake: Taking off Adventist sunglasses

Gabriel Proksch: Resignation letter

Berit Fischer: My letter to friends

Yussuf Nyameri: The bucket is full

Phil Harris: Jesus Christ: First, Only, Always

Jess Dixon: Soli Deo Gloria!

David Mead: We leave Egypt tonight

Greg and Denise Hutton: Letters to Walla Walla College SDA Church and Family and Friends

Luanda A. Daniels Veil replaced by tears

Brian Tripp: Free at Last!

Kelly Pacino: Letter To My Former Church

Michael Lorey: Complexity, Contradiction, and Compromise

Rebecca Lorey: My Journey Toward God

Ferdinand Rajcany: To the Warrimoo SDA Church

Skip Baker: "Heretic" Set Free

Christopher Lee: The Journey Home

Ted and Lisa Boyl-Davis: As For Me and My House

Rolaant McKenzie: My Personal Testimony

Di Fennell: It Happened All By Itself

Kristy Jones: "Heaven's Burning"

Rick and Sheryl Barker: Our Journey Out

Diane L.: Why I Left the SDA Church

Dane and Nancy Rehil: From Law to Grace

Teresa and Arthur Beem: Why we left: A letter to family and others

Roy Tinker: The Truth has set me free

Joel London: Saved by God's Grace

Steve Pitcher: The voice of another shepherd

Sabra M. Reed: To my brothers and sisters in Christ

Arlene Gerrez: Out of the Box

David W. DePinho: My "Short" Testimony: Breaking Open the Adventist Mind

Greg and Paula Taylor: An open letter to our friends and family

[name withheld]: Thirteen-year-old finds freedom!

Jeralee A. Smith: Breaking With Generations

Thomas E. Durst: Sharing From My Journey of Faith

Clay Peck: My Journey Out of Legalism

Doug Moody: A Letter of Encouragement

Erma Bmorgan Toussaint: Conquering the Giant

Paul Lorenz: It Is For Freedom

Dale Hand: A Saved Christian!

Cora Holder: Resignation of Membership from Loma Linda University Church

Geneva Chinnock: Life Out of the Adventist Eggshell: Cracking Up and Breaking Free

Pam WyckeWhy One Left

Richard and Colleen Tinker: Walking In the Light



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